Art Experience Gallery has grown to become one of the major platforms in Hong Kong for emerging artists since 2010. Our gallery showcases the work of emerging as well as established artists from Hong Kong and overseas who have strong artist vision.


We reach out to like-minded artist, collector and curator through solo exhibitions and group shows. Our mission is to create space and time in which artistic passion, talent and appreciation can flourish for art lovers. The gallery is located in Tsuen Wan, an area that is away from the city center of Hong Kong which used to be an industrial district, provides a space of 2500 square feet featuring 15 foot high ceilings for a relaxing atmosphere to view artwork, and an ideal space for all kinds of art form to be installed, allowing maximum flexibility for artist's imagination.


Always bringing in new ideas and concepts from around Asia, Art Experience Gallery consistently curate exhibitions at our gallery space in Hong Kong and participate in renowned art fair in Asia, such as Art Stage Singapore and Art Taipei, showing top quality artworks from Hong Kong, China and other parts of Asia including Japan and Taiwan. We shall continue to discover more talented artists from Asia and other countries, to share many more inspiring and thought-provoking artwork with the audience.


We also funded Art Experience Foundation in 2013, aims to discover and promote potential local artists. Each year the Foundation organizes a group show open for independent artist to apply, including final year art students and self-sufficient artists. We encourage local artists to develop their creative capacity through assisting them to curate exhibition and to organize different art and culture projects, opening doors for young artists to further achieve their goal in developing their career in the field of contemporary art and culture. The Foundation organizes diverse kinds of art and culture activities and programs for public to participate, including talk and workshop host by artists and curators.



Space Rental

Art Experience Gallery offers a space to accommodate groups of various sizes for art exhibitions, film screenings, receptions, lectures, cocktail parties, product launches, cooperate functions, film shoots, photography studio shoots, pop-up stores, or many other types of events. Our space was designed to be flexible and serving multiple purposes.

Located in Tusen Wan, away from the commercial city atmosphere and sitting at the waterfront between Tsing Ma and Ting Kau Bridges.

Designed to work as a flexible venue, our space is yours to create.

•    Featuring 15 foot high ceilings
•    2,500 square foot gallery space boasts spacious all-white interiors
•    On-site office facilities
•    Projector and wall space
•    Sound system
•    Wireless microphones
•    Wireless internet access
•    White partition x 6
•    Art and picture hanging system
•    Art Lighting system

For bookings and general enquiries please contact:
Email: art@artexperiencegallery.com
Tel: +852 2110 9928